By Matt De Maria

This is a brief article on showing how to gain access to the boxster engine in order to perform a major maintenance:

To gain access to the top of the engine the top must be first opened 4 inches (PICTURE#2). In order to open the top, the parking brake must be pulled up (Picture#1) and the top latch must be unlocked.

Picture #1

#1 Handbrake up

Picture #2

The next operation is to disconnect the lower ball socket that tensions the back window. (PICTURE #3)

Picture #3

Next release the upholstery curtain from the back wall. (PICTURES #4 AND #5)

Picture #4

Picture #5

After this is done fold the top forward until you feel it engage the main section. Be careful to gently fold the window so that there are no abrupt creases in the plastic. (PICTURE #6)

Picture #6

The next operation is to remove the clip from the pivot hinge for the back deck. This is to enable the deck to be swung forward out of the way. (Put a blanket across the back of the car to prevent scratches.) (PICTURE #7 AND #8)

Picture #7

Picture #8

Now the back deck can be swung forward out of the way and locked with a locally made tool. (PICTURE #9 AND #10)

Picture #9

Picture #10

Now the accessory deck can be removed by releasing the plastic tube fasteners. Simply unscrew a quarter turn counter clockwise. (PICTURE #11 AND #12)

Picture #11

Picture #12

After the accessory deck is removed 2 remaining plastic retainer are removed in order to lift the carpeting above the metal engine cover. (PICTURE #13 AND #14)

Picture #13

Picture #14

Next the metal engine cover will be exposed and five metal fasteners will have unlocked in the same fashion that the plastic fasteners were. (PICTURE #15)

Picture #15

Now the tray can be removed and the top of the engine can be seen. (PICTURE#16)

Picture #16

The next project is to gain access to the front of the engine. Both seats have to be moved forward. Four plastic spade nuts have to be unscrewed in order to remove the upholstery panel in front of the engine. (PICTURES #17 AND #18)

Picture #17

Picture #18

Now the front engine panel is exposed. (PICTURE #19)

Picture #19

Removing 8 bolts and 2 nuts will allow the cover to be removed. (PICTURE #20)

Picture #20

In summary, it is useful for the owner to have access to the engine compartment although there is not that much to be done on a light DIY basis. Opening up the engine takes a little time and is strictly very sequential and procedural; but it is not an insurmountable project.