Another 356 Engine

This is an article on the rebuild of another 356 'C' engine with 130K miles of wear on it. It stopped running about 12 years ago. Basically it was worn out. The r4ings had broken up and in one bore had travelled up into the chamber and gotsmashed into the cylinder head. Everything else on the engine was worn out.


In addition the bottom of the case had impacted the road and had cracked at the dowell pin.

right side smashed

other side smashed

left side

right side

left side clooser

left side bottom

right side bottom

In addition to thisdamage the case bores were worn out over .001". This necessitated a line bore. The crank was worn more than a .001' on all the journals. First under rod bearings are NLA'd. So a new crank was used. The rods were rebuilt of course.

new crank


The flywheel needed truing. And everything (flywheel, crank, rods, P&C's clutch, front pulley ) was balanced.

recon flywheel

New SC P&C's were purchased.


And of course ring end gaps were checked. The oil control rings were too tight.

The heads were rebuilt. New guides. The new intake guides were longer than the original and were lathed down to same length. The head surfaces were trued. The chamber with the ring damage had to be cut .012" to get past the warpage.

finihed heads

The sump plate had been smashed and required replacement.

sump plate

The carburetor throttle shafts weree worn out and had to be rebushed. The carbs were disassembled cleaned and the lower portions sent out to be remachined. When they came back the carbs were partially reassembled to the point of the accelerator pumps were to be installed just before the engine is to be started,

The top and bottom surfaces of thr airhorns and the main body were planed to ensure no air leaks at these surfaces.

air horn

carb body top surface

carb body base

machined throttle plates

almost completed carbs

The distributor was disassembled, cleaned and rebuilt. A newsliding surface was installed on the advance plate . New points and condensor.


The generator was sent out and was completely rebuilt and plated.

rebuilt gen